Bev & Mike -engaged! {Calgary wedding photographer}

Whenever one of my couples asks to include their dog in the session or wedding, I always respond with an enthusiastic YES! If you have a dog as a pet, they are as much part of your family as a child would be. I know this to be true as I am the proud fur-mom of an adorable Llasa-Apso named Fenway. Fenway is always at our family sessions, it wouldn’t be our family without him and his wayward underbite. I find that animals create an extra dynamic (sometimes maybe too dynamic HA!) and allows my couples to relax and perhaps focus on something else other than the photography. They provide laughter and spontaneity and I absolutely love working with them. Bev and Mike’s pup is no exception. She gave us a run for our money and provided some excellent shots that I could never have set up on my own. My favourite is when Mike tried to kiss Bev and she came over, rested her head on Mike’s shoulder as if to say “I was your first girl, don’t forget me”…. I can’t wait for their winter 2015 wedding, I know it’s going to be great!

Steven & Anessa -married! {calgary wedding photographer}

I thought I was a sentimental person. And then I had my son. A whole myriad of emotions now consumes me with every wedding I photograph. The moments between the parents and their children especially get me. There is certainly a  deeper level of understanding of how deep the emotions go on this very special of days. In particular, every single mother-son dance I stand for a few seconds in between shots and let myself daydream to the future when it’s likely I will be that mom dancing with my little boy. I loved Anessa’s tears, which probably sounds terrible, but really, I loved the emotion that she felt and that she embraced or probably just couldn’t hold in and longer. I kind of had to eventually giggle a little as it seemed the slightest look or word from her dad sent her over the edge once again. Seriously though Anessa, just the best! I was treated with the pleasure of photographing Anessa’s getting ready at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel. It is definitely one of the most beautiful rooms I have ever shot in and I definitely took full advantage. Their wedding was held at a gorgeous and architectural Parkdale church and offered one of the coolest urban forests I have ever seen. Steven and Anessa really liked the idea of incorporating the skyline into their wedding day, as a way to automatically create some nostalgia. I always like to say that they should go back every 10 years or so and repeat the image to contrast how the city and they themselves have changed. The reception was held at the Croatian Centre and the room was perfectly set up for their guests. By the time dinner finished the children were literally vibrating with excitement over the dance starting. And dance they certainly did! Dancing, air guitar, break dancing, twisting and bopping to the music. Seriously so much fun to shoot! It was a fantastic culmination to a really wonderful fall day in Calgary. Enjoy!

Fall Family Day! {Calgary family photographer}

Oh fall. With all your bright beautiful colours and the way you only last a short time. Oh fall. You mesmerize me. You compel me to shoot. And who am I to argue? With a very very busy wedding season still in full swing and a rowdy little one year old, I may have been a little crazy to plan a full day of portrait sessions but I am thrilled with the results. I love fall and I love capturing it and could not have been happier to spend the day with these incredible families. Enjoy!

Katy & Brett -plus one! {calgary maternity photographer}

So what happens when one of your very best friends gets pregnant only a year after you? Well, you spend the long months chatting about babies and planning an epic maternity shoot. How perfect of Katy to be pregnant at the exact right time of year for glowy golden pictures. It’s kind of like a gift to me really. Thanks Katy:)Big thanks to Amborella Floral Studio for the gorgeous crown and bouquet and Trena Laine for her ever fabulous talent in the hair and makeup realm. It was one of those evenings that we chased the light. We worked with the grove of trees, did some other stuff and on our way back, we just had to do more. I can’t believe there isn’t much time left before I get to snuggle a brand new squishy babe. Katy and Brett have got this, that is for certain. The real question is does Farley know what he’s in for?

Corinna&Rick -engaged! {Calgary wedding photographer}

When I was talking with Corinna about possible locations and she mentioned something with water, I knew immediately that Big Hill Springs would be perfect and I knew that I was dyinnnngggg to shoot there this fall. Of course, the leaves are out in full force and Corinna and Rick were such good sports climbing up hills, into bushes and over streams. They are originally from Ontario and although I couldn’t promise much red I knew that the springs would be beautiful. This time of year is just so inspiring and I am so happy to be out shooting so much!

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