Michelle & Dustin -engaged! {Calgary, Canmore wedding photographer}

I really love finding the best location to fit the wants and desires of my couples. I try really hard to ask the right questions and really zone in on what they’re looking for. As soon as Michelle said they liked live music and obscure pubs mixed with a bit of vintage charm I knew Inglewood was the place for us. Being that they’re from Edmonton, they put a lot of trust in me as well. It made me feel so great to hear that I 100% nailed it. Yeah! This session was really just about a walk through a really fantastic neighborhood. I had done some initial scouting but really just let the vibe and the night take over. We even got heckled by lawn bowlers. Yes. Lawn bowlers. How cool is that?! We spent the entire evening laughing and I could have put together SO many groupings of photos just of the laughter. Michelle and Dustin love each other, it’s evident in the way that they can entertain themselves without anything to entertain with. It was so much fun seeing them relax and get into the session and by the end, I felt like we have been friends forever. I get asked if I encounter bridezillas and I truly can say I have not. I think the reason is that whatever you put out there, you get back. I strive to be easy going and light hearted and have found that I am attracting some pretty incredible couples who I want to be friends with. Perhaps a little leaving gift with “will you be my friend?” after the weddings are finished is in order! The light was dreamy and so is this couple!

Jessica & Dustin -engaged! {Calgary, Okotoks wedding photographer}

It’s pretty satisfying as a photographer to fantasize about certain shots that could be possible during say, a shoot with a Harley Davidson motorcycle and have them actually come into fruition. I remember talking to Jessica and Dustin about their mutual love for said motorcycle and getting really excited about the possibilities. It was pretty darn awesome to have the absolute perfect night for their engagement session, the perfect road, the perfect bike and of course, the perfect couple. I really loved how proud Dustin is of his motorcycle and I loved his enthusiasm when he asked me to shoot the ring on his ‘demon bell’. I know absolutely nothing about bikes and quickly said “yes! of course!”…. followed by…. “what’s a demon bell?”. Turns out, it is the PERFECT (yes there’s a theme) place to put a ring!! I seriously have the best clients. I really do. You’ll see the aforementioned bell and I think you’ll agree. For those that don’t know, it’s a bell- gifted by someone- to ward off evil spirits. Can’t wait for their November wedding!

Lauren & Adam -married! {Canmore, Silvertip wedding photographer}

It was like something out of a movie. In fact, I’m sure it’s the storyline to several romantic comedies. Girl travels to best friend’s cabin for a summer weekend. Girl and friends head to local bar for a fun night. Guy spies Girl across the crowded room. Girl spies Guy across the crowded room. Flirtations from a distance ensue. Best Friend gets fed up, pulls Girl and Guy together and implores them to dance. And dance they did. If this was indeed a romantic comedy, there would be more hilarious adventures, perhaps a hiccup or two, but inevitably, our two heroes end up together and live happily ever after. Which is exactly what happened in the case of Lauren and Adam. A filmmakers dream, rather, a photographer’s dream. I shoot at Silvertip and in Canmore a lot and was determined this season to seek out some new fun spots for the creatives. I was especially excited when Lauren and Adam loved my new choices too- albeit for the burrs we encountered at one site- oi!!! Fun fact, burrs really do their job well. And that one job is sticking to things. ugh. Anyways, I loved the mix of romance and laughter and well, beer. Beer is always a good choice and a great way to end a photography session. The ceremony was held at the gazebo site on the Silvertip grounds and wonderfully officiated by Rick Kunelius. Any officiant that gets a couple and their audience laughing is AWESOME in my books. Something that seems to be repeating itself is this beautiful little moment where the dad looks at his daughter as he’s walking her up the aisle. It’s as if he’s taking a moment and jetting back 20something years to the first time he held her as a baby. It must be a surreal moment. It’s a moment that I love seeing again and again. The reception was held in the grand pavilion framed by the beautiful stone fireplace and curated by the lovely Callandra of Postcard Weddings. Speeches (oh the speeches!) and dancing capped off a really, really wonderful day. Oh and doughnuts. Doughnuts were eaten. No. They were devoured. Doughnuts were a very, very good idea. Congrats to Lauren and Adam! Enjoy!

sara & david -married! {Calgary, Heritage Park wedding photographer}

I like to tell stories. And in these stories I always want to find the happiness, love and emotion. I see some amazing things through my lens but my favourite moments are the ones that aren’t truly captured in pixels. It’s the whispered “i love you’s” or the way he gently sweeps the hair behind her ear. I get to witness some pretty amazing love and I feel like it fills my head and heart and I am in an (almost) constant state of happiness. Let’s be real, I am NOT perfect- my husband will definitely attest to that. I really loved working with Sara and David. From the moment I watched them together at their engagement session, I knew we would have a good time. Sara has dance training and the way she moves her arms, the way she is aware of her body is truly exquisite. And the way that David can literally pick her up with one arm… yeah. Amazing. Needless to say, we had FUN on their wedding day; with Heritage Park as the backdrop, it’s impossible not to. We had some interesting light due to some crazy Northern wildfires and it provided a nice haze to some of the images. Heritage Park does such a great job with weddings, the venues are fabulous and the food is incredible. And I can’t forget to mention someone else that is incredible, my fab second shooter Carly Koop. She totally nailed the second perspective and has a wonderful eye for those quiet moments. Enjoy!

Charlene & Riley -plus one! {Calgary maternity photographer}

It really is such an honor to develop relationships with my wedding couples, to get to know them over the course of a year or so and then spend an intimate and emotion-packed day with them. I tend to leave our final meeting feeling like I have two new friends. I was actually just talking about this with one of my fall couples about how happy I am with all of my clients and how I think that what you ‘put out there’ is what you get back in return. I strive to be positive, happy and easy-going in every aspect of my life (most of the time! I am so not perfect) and I feel blessed to say that my couples unilaterally reflect that. Charlene and Riley are no exception. In fact, Charlene is a Labor and Delivery nurse and helped me a great deal last year when I was dealing with a few pregnancy related complications. She practically wrote me a novel and set my mind at ease. I was thrilled to hear the good news, and delighted that they wanted me to photograph their maternity session. I haven’t been to Big Hill Springs since last year and couldn’t wait to be back and explore again. We were beyond lucky with the weather, it seemed to be raining all around us but never on us and I love the results. Enjoy!

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