Meagan&Matt -married! {Invermere, Radium, Canmore, Calgary Wedding photographer}

After we got home from Invermere, my fabulous second shooter Dana Cole, thanked me for helping her check “epic barn wedding” off her wedding dream list. I really couldn’t agree more. I have been looking forward to this wedding for quite some time, the thought of travel, the barn, a working ranch, a dock, Meagan’s grandmother’s dress etc etc, was really exciting for me. K2 Ranch is an honest-to-goodness working ranch and it’s not open to public weddings which made this even more special for us! The day started beautifully, the kind of day every wedding photographer dreams of, a beautiful blue sky and big puffy white clouds to tone down the brightness of the sun. After a wonderfully emotion-packed ceremony, we loved joining Meagan and Matt and their bridal party back at the lake house for some snacks, drinks, and a dress change. Oh my, what a second dress. I remember my jaw dropping and saying that I couldn’t believe I could love two dresses on the same day. Meagan definitely chose well. Matt proposed (in an elaborate scheme) on the dock of the lake and it was especially fitting to shoot some portraits there. The rest of the afternoon was spent gallivanting around the Ranch’s property, both Dana and I squealing with delight at every location. The whole vibe of the cocktail reception like something out of a movie. Fantastic food, a canoe filled with beer and Palm Bay, lively conversation and a gorgeous evening. Little did the guests know how much of a treat it would be to see the inside of the Barn set for dinner and partying. We really should have set up a camera to catch people’s reactions as they walked in. I wish there was a picture of Dana and I as we walked in, no doubt eyes wide and mouths open in awe. It’s a beautiful barn filled with so much history and they really did the space justice with their simple touches. As if this wedding couldn’t have any more, the bridal party surprised Meagan and Matt with a flash mob.  Your friends don’t get together and practice and perform a choreographed dance for just anyone. They are loved so much. It seems fitting to end this little story here. I hope you enjoy the look back at a most wonderful day.

Camille & Ryan -engaged! {Calgary wedding photographer}

Whenever I talk to my couples about their engagement sessions, I always ask about special places or activities they enjoy doing together. Sometimes  a simply beautiful place is requested, out in nature, the mountains or with their dog and sometimes the place is rather significant. For Camille and Ryan, that significant place is the University of Calgary and the specialness lies in the fact that they met there. What started out as a very close friendship grew to be much more and I loved walking the campus with them, myself an alumni as well. The UofC campus holds such wonderful memories for me, I spent two years in the fine art program (yay Art Parkade!) before transferring to the Photography program at the Alberta College of Art and Design. It was so much fun to walk the campus and discover little spots previously unseen, and of course, I took full advantage of a magnificent rainbow appearance. Thanks rainbow. I’m really looking forward to their 2015 wedding to be held in the new tent at the Ranche in Fish Creek Park! Enjoy!

Carly & Kirby -married! {Calgary rustic farm wedding photographer}

Oh just call me a silly city girl but I was SO excited to shoot on this immaculate, perfect in every single way farm. It’s not the first time I’ve gotten this opportunity as I did Kirby’s older sister Shandell’s engagement session here. When I found out that Carly and Kirby’s wedding was to be held at the farm, well, colour me ecstatic. I don’t think I can even fathom the amount of work it took to get it wedding-perfect, but the end result was magnificent. I loved the casual and fun vibe that started as soon as you arrived. A beautiful cedar path meandered through the property with hand-made touches along the way. And classic lawn games awaited guests after the ceremony was over, in addition to the well-stocked bar I might add. I thought it was particularly funny to be teased at my excitement over the colourful farm equipment. Sure they’re super practical, but they make an awesome backdrop too. There were so many beautiful moments, so many hilarious ones too. I love posing people and great composition but the best part is letting my bridal parties and couples fall into the scene naturally. Kirby and his ‘quick draw’ pose comes to mind immediately and I adore that it happened and smile at the memory of how funny it was. Carly and Kirby purchased probably my most favourite reception space yet, why hello there big beautiful soft box that bounces light perfectly. The mason jars for the candy table were such a great touch and I don’t think I’ve ever been so entertained by an MC’s bridal party introduction as I was that day.  Great memories aside, I have to say the cupcake to the eyeball after the cake cutting will remain with me, well,  for pretty much forever. Thanks for that Carly:)Enjoy this day, relive it again and again.

Laura & Todd -engaged! {Calgary wedding photographer}

Laura wanted a garden and I knew the perfect one. I like to call this garden the Secret Garden, not because it’s secret but because I only just found out about it a couple years ago. Apparently, I’m a late starter to this whole gorgeous inner city garden thing. But wow. This is truly something special and I love being in it, surrounded by such beauty. The light of summer is changing and it’s bittersweet. The golden glow of fall is spectacular but it’s also short lived. I love summer and every year in May I look at my calendar and take a deep breath and know that I will be sitting here on the last weekend in August lamenting about how much I love summer. I blinked. Oh but it has been fun. So much fun. Enjoy the garden!

Jenn & Elise -married! {Calgary same-sex wedding photographer}

You know the saying “you had me at hello”….. well, I totally experienced that meeting Jenn and Elise and hearing these beautiful words: “there will be TWO wedding dresses Sarah. And two sets of beautiful shoes. TWO brides Sarah. How awesome will that be?!” Um, yes. Please. Keep talking! It was actually quite some time ago that we first met and over that time I feel like I’ve gotten to know these two incredible girls quite well. To say that I’ve enjoyed working with them is quite the understatement. To say that they’re clients wouldn’t be correct. These girls have become my friends. The entire process has been wonderful and I feel lucky to have captured their love and their wedding day. So let’s talk about two wedding dresses, two sets of shoes, necklaces, mom/daughter moments, girlie chats and all that. What a whirlwind, and was I sweating! Oh yes, I love looking for the perfect place, the most special surface and of course, the most perfect place required balancing precariously on a rolling chair to get the dress hanging perfectly. We schemed about their first glance too and I was thrilled with the balloon idea. The ceremony was held on the beautiful patio of Valley Ridge Golf Course under the most perfect blue sky. My favourite detail is a tie between the cookies at the ceremony (ok I have to stop and talk about the cookies. They’re probably the best cookies I’ve ever tasted and I want some right now actually) and the Jones Soda inspired pop bottles, painstakingly made by the girls with a photo of each and EVERY guest. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a ‘moment’ kinda girl. I look for moments, sometimes I help them along (I’m sneaky like that), but for the most part I strive for authentic. And you can’t get any more authentic than letting two people who love each other more than anything in the world, just be. I am speaking specifically about the AMAZING sunset session we did, where I set them free and just them be themselves. Photographer heaven right there. Between the kisses and cuddles, there was also some robot dancing, because let’s be honest, no one can be serious for that long. I truly, 100%, loved every single second. I hope you do too.


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